Business, LLC and Corporate Law Matters

Business, LLC & Corporate Law

As a business and corporate lawyer, Matthew Abraham assists Michigan business clients with a wide variety of their business law needs.  Abraham | Law works hard to provide its business law clients with practical and useful advice and insight for starting, managing, and growing a business venture/enterprise in Michigan.  Mr. Abraham also provides business law clients with proactive and effective legal representation to protect his clients’ business interests should a business dispute arise that needs to be resolved through negotiation, alternative dispute resolution, or litigation in Michigan state or federal courts.

Matthew Abraham has nearly two decades of experience as a Michigan business lawyer, and a large part of his practice is dedicated to representing business clients.  Abraham | Law has represented business clients of all types, from Michigan entrepreneurs and start-up ventures, to small and mid-sized companies, and even large multi-million dollar companies. Although most of Abraham | Law’s clients are located in Michigan, he has represented clients from across the United States.

Abraham | Law provides comprehensive business law representation that includes the following areas:

Entity Selection and Business Formation
The choice of which legal entity to use for a business is one of the most important decisions that a start-up venture will face.  In Michigan, the most common options for operating a business are a limited liability company (LLC), S corporation, or C corporation.  There are a number of factors that must be considered when deciding which entity to use for operating a business.  These factors include tax, legal, and operating considerations.  Although it is possible to form a business through online incorporation services, it is important to remember that such incorporation services do not provide many crucial facets for success such as specific relevant legal advice, customized organizational & governing documents, business insight & experience, and further cannot provide their customers with legal analysis or advice on the important entity selection issues that each start-up company faces.  This advice and analysis can only be provided by a competent and experienced business law attorney and counselor.  Matthew Abraham provides his clients with this advice and analysis and also assists his clients with preparing and filing the paperwork necessary to form and organize a Michigan business entity.

Purchase and Sale/Transfer of a Business
Abraham | Law has extensive experience in the preparation, negotiation, and review of business purchase/sale contracts and buy-sell agreements.  Matthew Abraham has represented both buyers and sellers in business transfer transactions in numerous industries.  In each business transfer matter that he works on, Mr. Abraham consults with his clients and listens carefully to their goals and wishes.  Matthew then works hard to make sure that the transaction documents fairly and accurately represent the best deal possible for his clients.  He also works to make sure that any transfer of a business is done in a way that is the most tax efficient possible for his clients.

Business Formalities and Operations
Matthew Abraham regularly provides his business law clients with ongoing legal representation with respect to issuing and transferring corporate stock/shares & membership interests, preparation of corporate minutes and business records, compliance with regulatory guidelines and requirements, compliance with annual State of Michigan business filing requirements, tax issues & planning, and numerous other legal aspects of operating a business.  These matters are important for maintaining the ongoing viability of a business enterprise and for obtaining and maintaining all of the various legal protections that are afforded to properly formed and maintained business enterprises.  Failure by a Michigan business to properly follow and maintain the business formalities that are required under Michigan law can have disastrous consequences for that business and its owner(s).  It is indispensable that any business operating in Michigan have retained competent legal counsel to advise regarding these issues.

Business Succession Planning
Abraham | Law provides its business law clients with practical and effective legal representation in business succession matters of all kinds.  Mr. Abraham draws on an interdisciplinary approach to advise and represent clients in business succession matters so that his clients’ financial and legal goals can be reached in the most legally effective and tax efficient manner possible.  Abraham | Law understands that a successful business succession involves many moving parts and strives to work well with its clients’ other professional advisers such as accountants, CPA’s, insurance agents, and financial planners in order to craft and achieve a business succession plan that secures and rewards its clients for their efforts and investments while building up their business enterprises.  Matthew Abraham also understands that business succession matters often involve his clients’ lifework and therefore often present sensitive issues that must be dealt with very carefully in order for his clients to successfully implement a legally sound and operationally viable business succession plan to ensure his client’s legacy.

Employment Law Issues
Abraham | Law and its network of industry specific experts regularly help its business clients through the beaurocratic confusing maze of state and federal employment laws and regulations that govern Michigan businesses and their relationships with employees and independent contractors.  To this end, Abraham | Law can provide clients with a full range of Michigan employment law services, including assistance with the creation and documentation of employment policies, employee/independent contractor agreements, employee handbooks, resolving/defending employee discrimination claims and litigation, and helping companies contest unwarranted unemployment compensation claims by former employees.  Mr. Abraham has developed a particular expertise in advising Michigan businesses on non-compete and non-solicitation agreements and violations.

Special Corporate Counsel

As a former and current General Counsel, Matt has had hands-on experience tackling and managing the day-to-day legal challenges that face growing and established companies. This requires troubleshooting legal problems, and developing strategies to deal with and anticipating these problems efficiently.

  • Regulatory compliance
  • Privacy and data protection
  • Intellectual property protection
  • Employment
  • Litigation management
  • Day-to-day business operations

M&A Alliances Financing

Entrepreneurial startups and newly created businesses face unique challenges at different stages of their development. Whether you are starting up, spinning off, building or expanding, Abraham | Law can assist you in exploiting your opportunities and growing your business.

  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Partnerships, Strategic Alliances, Joint Ventures, Teaming Agreements
  • Technology Start-ups
  • Reorganizations
  • Venture Capital
  • Corporate and LLC architecture

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